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Vitakraft Emotion - Ein kleiner Einblick in die neue Produktreihe...

Beauty Selection

Beauty Selection - Erste Wahl für wertvolles Füttern

Beauty Selection

Healthy for skin and fur

EMOTION® Beauty Selection combines optimum care with a delicious taste – supporting healthy skin and attractive, shiny fur with its nutritious oils.

Sensitive Selection

Sensitive Selection - Die optimale Ernährung für nahrungssensible Zwergkaninchen und Meerschweinchen

Sensitive Selection

Grain-free and low-energy

Emotion® Sensitive Selection does not contain grain kernels, bran or flour so it is perfect for food-sensitive dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs – their whole life long.


Complete Selection - Das perfekte All-in-one-Futter


All in one – no selection

Emotion® Complete gives even choosy animals a balanced, all-round diet since the all-in-one food pieces means that selection is not possible.

Pure Nature

Pure Nature - Das beste aus der Natur

Pure Nature

Nature’s best

Emotion® Pure Nature, a balanced mix of nature's best ingredients, 100% grain-free for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas With tasty herbal and vegetable nuggets!


Kräcker® – Mit Liebe 3-fach gebacken für den großen Knabberspaß!


Excellent taste with added value

Emotion® Kräcker® are perfectly adapted to each species, providing a nutritious supplement to Emotion® as the main diet. For species-appropriate activity and long-lasting nibbling fun!


Snacks - Die natürliche Belohnung für jeden Tag


For a sense of well-being every day

Emotion® Snacks are not just tasty – they also contain prebiotic ingredients for healthy intestinal flora, thereby promoting the animal’s sense of well-being. Perfect for affectionate pampering!


TriVita®-Complex – Das innovative Plus


Our innovative bonus

All Emotion® main diet varieties and Kräcker® contain the unique TriVita®-Complex – to ensure rodents lead a happy, healthy life. Developed by vets and rodent experts!

The TriVita®-Complex

1. Prebiotic for optimum digestion

Herbal substances such as inulin are described as prebiotic when they consist of indigestible dietary fibre. This promotes healthy intestinal flora which in turn supports the digestive and immune system.

2. The right balance of amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. When applied in the correct combination they enhance the biological value of the food. It should contain all essential amino acids in a balance that is just right for the body.

3. Effective DHA supply with the highest efficiency rate

In chemical terms, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is one of the omega-3 fatty acids. It is a natural ingredient of breast milk, for example.
Emotion® contains DHA Gold from marine algae, one of the most nutritious and biologically active omega-3 fatty acids that is important for the heart and brain function as well as for the immune system.


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